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Healing Through Movement and Relationship


Has comparison stolen your joy?

Part of the healing process with this tendency is learning to pursue wholeness instead of perfection. I have had to learn to counter these lies and negative messaging. I must stop the negative thoughts, learn to quiet the yelling, and counter that message with something else. Stopping my negative thoughts can then improve my feelings, which then prompt healthier actions. It’s not perfect; it takes practice, but it moves me towards wholeness. This is a much healthier place to be in than striving for perfection.

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3 Simple Ways to Improve your Posture

Strengthen your upper back muscles, know proper alignment, and strengthen your core. This can be vague and confusing at times so I broke it down into three simple exercises you can do anywhere to improve your posture with 5 minutes a day. Posture is the quickest way to appear taller, thinner, and stronger. Sit up straight, lift your chest, pull in your abdominals. There you go…

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What my mind, body, & spirit have learned from Pilates

Over the years, I noticed the benefits that Pilates gave my soul. It was a life-giving activity.  After every session, I felt less stressed and more at ease with the challenges of the world. I noticed that Pilates works from the inside outward. You must connect to your deep core muscles and build a solid foundation first. From there, you power the rest of the movements. 

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Foot for Thought

I wanted to talk about something that’s not super sexy…our feet. Something that I see A LOT in Pilates are feet. I’ve seen very few healthy strong feet. I’ve seen countless damaged, atrophied, weak feet. I was included in this category before I began to understand the importance of strong agile feet. About 5 years ago I broke my foot. I had been running for years, done three half marathons, a sprint triathlon, countless hours of horseback riding, volleyball, hiking and other forms of exercise, and I HAD NEVER STRENGTHENED MY FEET. Why? Because it’s not sexy (at least not for most Americans). I thought, they should be strong, I walk/run on them every day, right? No. That’s like saying “my core is strong, because I sit upright every day.” Obviously, you must do exercises that specifically challenge the core to get a stronger core. It’s the same thing for your feet.

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Is Exercise Stressing You Out?

But, did you know that exercise can also be stress? Many forms of exercise raise our cortisol and adrenaline levels. These are hormones that are incredibly important to help us in situations in which we need our “flight” instinct to kick in. These are also part of our sympathetic nervous system. This system tells our body to increase our heart rate and respiratory rate, for our sweat glands to start producing, to slow our digestive system, and to suppress our immune system. For survival and performance these can be incredibly helpful responses and prompt our bodies/minds to do incredible things on a daily basis. The problem is when this is not just an acute response, but when it becomes chronic and our “normal” way of functioning.

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What brings you life?

 When I was in graduate school for my Marriage and Family Therapy degree, I did a lot of self-reflection. It is a crucial aspect of self-discovery, which is important if you’re going to be guiding others towards knowing themselves better. Something that we talked about often was what we called “life-giving” activities. In giving professions, it can become easy to get entrenched in helping others and carrying their burdens. Sometimes this comes with a price and you can start to feel drained.  Whether you’re in a “giving” profession or not, though, interacting with others and the busyness of life can leave you feeling as if your soul tank is low.

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