free & well
Healing Through Movement and Relationship

Free & Well



Free & Well is a home-based Pilates studio in the East Bay of California. Katelyn provides private and duet classes that are specifically tailored to your body’s needs and your fitness goals.

Free & Well started as a vision that Katelyn had when she was in high school. She felt a strong pull to provide a space where those in need of healing could come and find restoration and redemption. The name “Free & Well” embodies the idea that everyone has the right to freedom and wellness. Freedom from ones’s doubts, fears, trauma, insecurities, pain, and illness. Wellness is the place that brings one out of pain and into a life where our mind, body, and soul thrives. Her hope is that through Pilates you can experience movement and relationships as healing. 


Free & Well believes that our bodies are not separate from our souls. Healing begins with the recognition that each element of our lives is interconnected, and we cannot address one without addressing the others.


To provide healing through movement and relationship.